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Hand Booster (boîte de 20 unités)

Hand Booster (boîte de 20 unités)

Hand Booster (boîte de 20 unités)


Hand Booster® is the first product of BrazzCare Home Edition.

It's a moisturizing hand cream to use in the salon or at home to complement the BrazzCare® professional manicure.


It has the perfect size to fit on your purse, so you can have it everywhere and anytime!

Why Hand Booster is the Best Hand Cream:

  • Nourishing & Moisturizing Power - Moisturizing cream with a very high absorption, providing a dry touch, without any sensation of grease. It provides nourishment of the dermis layer with Urea and Niacinamida.
  • Clean & Vegan Formula - Botanic and vegan formula. Not tested on animals.
  • Day & Night Care - This cream can be applied in day time or at night.
  • Perfect Size - It's small dimensions make it the perfect cream to have always with you. Super practical!

BrazzCare Hand Booster is formulated on the basis of very absorbent moisturizer, providing dry touch, which does not transfer the cream freshly applied to other surfaces. We understand that hand care should be so regular that it should not interfere on daily activities.

Besides that, Hand Booster Offers Daily Servings of Acid Hyaluronic and Vitamin B3, which effectively combat the signs of age. To complement the moisturizing effect, we still have Urea and Lactate of Ammonium, which reestablish the natural barrier, preventing the skin from losing moisture and providing silky effect. 

  • Clean Formula
  • Cruelty Free 
  • Free from source animal material
  • Botanical and Vegan
  • No greasy touch
  • With Acid Hyaluronic
  • Vitamin B3
  • Urea
  • Lactate of Ammonium

Your small package turns this product into the ideal cream for always have in your pocket. Easy to carry!

Our products are laboratory tested and approved.